Them: Texas History|Moses Austin Colony|First 300 Families to.

This webpage provides the early-day settlement history of Texas beginning with Moses Austin and his son Stephen F. Austin and the original 300 families that became.

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Moses Rose - Wikipedia Louis 'Moses' Rose (1785? – 1850/1851?), also seen [clarification needed] as Lewis Rose), was according to Texas legend the only man who chose to leave the besieged.

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Moses Malone - Wikipedia Early life. Malone was born in Petersburg, Virginia. He was an only child, raised alone by his mother, Mary, who had dropped out of school after finishing the fifth grade

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Reminiscences of Moses Austin Bryan (HAS. - Reminiscences of Moses Austin Bryan (HAS Report) (Volume 27) [Elizabeth K. Aucoin, Wilson W. Crook III] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Moses.