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Salmonid production in tonnes by species 1982 2007 2013 Species Wild Farmed Wild Farmed Atlantic salmon: 10,326 13,265 2,989 1,433,708 2,087,110: Steelhead

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Welcome to the Atlantic Salmon Museum Some text here describing how great the museum is! 🙂

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Atlantic salmon videos, photos and facts - Salmo salar. The Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), 'the leaper', has been called the king of fish, due primarily to its spectacular ability to cle...

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The Atlantic Salmon: Moody & Mysterious: Jim Lorentz. The Atlantic Salmon: Moody & Mysterious [Jim Lorentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Atlantic Salmon: Moody and Mysterious examines Atlantic.

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Atlantic Salmon Trust Registered Address: Atlantic Salmon Trust Limited, Fishmonger's Hall, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9EL Ă—

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Atlantic Salmon | Petuna Seafoods Tasmania Petuna Atlantic Salmon has a smooth and mild flavour with a delicate texture. Petuna Atlantic Salmon is a delicious accompaniment to any meal occasion.

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Atlantic Salmon & Ocean Trout Recipes | Petuna Seafood Experience Petuna Ocean Trout with its delicate, mild and creamy taste with our trout recipes provided by our chef friends.

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North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization - NASCO NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization, is the intergovernmental organization committed to the conservation, restoration, enhancement and rational.

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Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) The Atlantic Salmon Federation is dedicated to the conservation, protection and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon and the ecosystems on which their well being and.